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Our first step in assessing the condition of a pond or lake and its fish population involves electrofishing. Our electrofishing boats are equipped with state of the art gear which allows us to effectively sample your fish population with no permanent harm to your fish. the fish are stunned by an electrical current and are captured and placed in a live well. the fish are measured, weighed and then  returned to the pond unharmed. Numerous water samples are taken & analyzed, aquatic weeds are identified. We make notes on all relevant characteristics of your lake. All our findings, recommendations, and notes are summarized in a comprehensive management plan that you can understand and put into action. Let us get your lake up & provide you with some great fishing and enjoyable times again. Sometimes you might just need a second opinion, perhaps you have an old lake that is just not producing large fish anymore. Maybe you have had a fish kill or you recently bought this lake and need to know what is in the lake and what to do to maximize it. Then an electrofishing survey is what you need. We specialize in lakes & ponds of all sizes throughout Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. Our business has been built the old fashion way: trust, hard work and satisfied customers.

Why Should I Have My Lake Checked by Electrofishing?

All lakes three years of age should be checked not only for problems but to prevent problems. Electrofishing is used to spot problems and to prevent problems. This process allows us to evaluate the status of the fish population in order to make management recommendations for the lake or pond.  From the data collected during electrofishing, we can determine what species of fish are present, as well as the relative abundance of each  group of bass and bluegill. We can also determine the condition (fat or skinny) of the game fish.  Electrofishing is more accurate than seining or any other sampling method. We have  biologists in  Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana that work with us.

Suttle Fish Farm is permitted in Louisiana and Arkansas.
We are licensed in the state of Mississippi.
Alabama and Tennessee does not require any license or permits.

We meet all state requirements to provide electrofishing services
to Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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