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Florida F 1 Bass is a pure Northern Bass (male) spawned with a pure Florida Bass (female) first generation is call Florida F 1 Bass.These bass are becoming very popular because they are a little easier to catch  than the pure Florida strain Bass. Florida F 1 bass is some time call Florida hybrid bass. Studies have shown that Florida-strain F 1 bass live longer, grow larger and can withstand fishing pressure better than the typical  Northern Largemouth Bass that are found in the northern parts of the United States. Studies on pure Florida and the F-1 have shown them to spawn earlier. That means they get the best spawning beds. And after their first year, the body from both Florida-strain and F 1 is heavier than the standard Northern Bass. Results of the tests showed that Florida-strain bass and Florida-F 1 bass can tolerate cold water. Remember the Florida F 1 Bass are not the pure-strain Florida Bass. Florida F 1 Bass will reproduce just like any other Bass but they will not get as large as the pure-strain Florida Bass.The Florida F 1 Bass is a good Bass to stock in any lake or pond because of there cold water toleration and ease to catch. One study shows the Florida F1 Bass and the pure Florida Bass will over take a lake over time that has been stock with Northern Bass. The studies state that the Northern Bass is a slower growing fish and the Florida F1 Bass and pure Florida Bass grow faster and comsume the Northern Bass because they stay small longer. Suttle Fish Farm has been very successful in gertting most all our bass on a pellet type  feed. Pellet-trained Bass means we can hold out bass longer and you get healthier Bass.
Pettet-trained Florida F 1 Bass
Pellet-trained  Florida  Bass

    Pellet-trained Florida F 1 Bass and Florida Bass.
Suttle Fish Farm sales Florida F 1 Bass,  Florida Bass and Northern Bass trained on a pellet  feed.
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