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Fish Attractors - The WOW Factor!!!
The secrets to producing big bass and crappie are promoting forage production and providing plenty of ambush habitat. We have two different premium fish attractors to help you create your own Honey Hole.

The Honey Hole Shrub™ is a unique artificial fish habitat that will boost baitfish production, especially with those species of fish that attach their eggs to vertical substrate. This includes fathead minnows, golden shiners, and threadfin shad. The establishment of forage populations is particularly critical if your goal is to produce double digit largemouth bass.

Polyethylene dome with over 180’ of polyethylene tubing.
• Promotes survival of juvenile fish.
• Never needs to be replaced – will not rot.
• Provides a dense 32″ tall x 6′ wide area of cover.
• Maximum area for algae & egg attachment.
• Lightweight and easy to assemble.
• Fish through easily without snagging.
• Environmentally friendly - no glue!
Just toss them in....they will sink upright every time!
Tree and Shrub Habitat
Honey Hole Shrub
Honey Hole Tree
Honey Hole Shrub - Recommended for use in water 3-4 feet deep.
Honey Hole Tree - Recommended for use in water six feet or deeper.
Bass This Bass is enjoying the fish habitat

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