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  Hybrid Bluegill

Great for a small pond - one acre or less!

The Hybrid bluegill is the perfect fish for small ponds of one acre or less. With the Hybrids, you can have a higher stocking rate. Hybrids are easily trained to take commercial feed. They are a very easy fish to catch. Great for the impatient fisherman  - the young or old. When it comes to stocking a small pond there are only two species that are suitable; the hybrid bluegill and channel catfish. Both take man made feed well.

The Hybrids do reproduce back to the green sunfish. Bass must be added to eliminate this reproduction. The green sunfish is considered a trash fish.

Hybrid bluegills grow at phenomenal rates especially if you feed aggressively. The hybrid bluegill is a cross between the regular bluegill  and the green sunfish. They have larger mouths than regular bluegill and are very aggressive when it comes to man made feed. They can be stocked year round. When 3 to 4 inch hybrids are stocked they will be a catchable size in six to eight months.

Hybrid bluegill will adapt to cage culture.

Stocking rates for Hybrid ponds with a feeding program
Pond Size Hybrid Bream Largemouth Bass Grass Carp 
for weed control
One Acre
1500 100 10
¾ acre 1200 80 8
½ acre
50 5
¼ acre 375   25 3

In order to stock 1500 hybrids, You need a good feeding program. Without a feeding program, stock 500 to an acre.

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