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Stocking Ponds One Acre or Less
The size of the pond has a direct bearing on what species of fish you should choose to stock.  In the southern United States, a small pond  is limited to two species of fish that are suitable to be stocked in an acre or less size pond. Catfish and hybrid bluegill are ideal for small ponds. Both of these species will take food easily and do well in a small pond. Either one of these species can be raised in small ponds in sufficent numbers as long as you are supplying feed. Your pond natually produces food for fish so what you stock is important for the numbers that you put in and also for the numbers that they will reproduce. In a small pond these two species, catfish and hybrid bream do not reproduce a lot and so that is what makes them great for a small pond because they should not over stock your pond with the passing of time.

Catfish can be stocked at 1500 per acre in small ponds. So a half acre pond could be stocked with 750 catfish. A feeding program must be established to stock at these rates. Fathead minnows can be added to supplement their food supply. A good consistent feeding program is a MUST. It is essential.

Hybrid Bluegill are ideally suited for small ponds because of their ability to take man made feed easily and grow to great size in small ponds in a short period of time. As with catfish, they can be stocked at a rate of 1500 per acre. Again a good feeding program is necessary. You would need to add some bass to keep down the reproduction of the hybrid bream. the hybrid bream are easy to catch, easy to train and are fairly easy to grow. They are lots of fun for kids and older adults to catch!

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