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Why should you use Suttle Fish Farm?

You probably have not seen us, met us, know us, or have done any business with us. 
These are the reasons that you should use Suttle Fish Farm: 

Our business has our name on it. This means a lot to us. We will try our best to make you 100% satisfied.

We are a member of the Economic Development Authority in Jones county.

We are state licensed by the state of Mississippi.

We are a member of the Mississippi Catfish Farmers.

We are a member of Catfish Farmers of America.

We are a member of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

We are a family owned business, small but large enough to give you good service.

We have been in business since 1987.

This is a full time business.

We enjoy what we do.

We have 40 ponds to be better serve you with.

Suttle Fish Farm is a full service fish farm. We can sell you the fish to stock your pond or lake, test your water quality,and guarantee you complete satisfaction with our work and service. Our prices are very competitive. 

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