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CHANNEL CATFISH ( ictahurus punctatus )

channel catfish

Suttle Fish Farm sells channel catfish for pond stocking. It is an excellent fish to stock. The stocking rate on channel catfish is only one hundred per surface acre stock with other fish. The reason for the low stocking rate is because that the pond only produces so much feed for these fish. You can stock more fish per surface acre but you will have to implement a feeding program. Lakes stocked exclusively with catfish can be 1500 per surface acre with an expected supplemental feeding program. Commercial lakes stock 4000 to 8000 fish per acre depending upon the owner's expert ability of fish management. The channel catfish has an excellent feed conversion compared to other fish. It is now grown commercially in many states. The body color of the channel catfish varies widely from silver-gray on the top side to light on the underside, depending mostly on the clarity of the water. The v-tail is distinct in the channel catfish. It is quickly becoming the #1 sought after fish by fishermen. The catfish taste is excellent and there are numerous recipes available.The ideal time to stock channel catfish is winter season. The colder the water temperature, the better it is to stock. That holds true for Bream (Bluegill), Shellcracker (Redear), and Fathead Minnows. Some of our clients are actually breaking the ice on ponds and adding our fish. That is a good time to add fish. Water can't be any colder than that.

Price $35 / 100;  4 to 6 inch size
$300 / 1000

Sorry we are unable to ship catfish through FedEx.

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