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Randy Deen, Operations Manager

Coppernose Bluegill (lepomis macrochirus purpurescens)

Coppernose Bluegill

Suttle Fish Farm sells the Coppernose for stocking lakes & ponds.The Coppernose ranks as our number 1 seller. Clients of Suttle Fish Farm have bragged about how fast these fish has grown. One of my clients has caught a Coppernose over 2.5 pounds. The Coppernose is outstanding for stocking lakes & ponds. The growth rate is exceptional compared to the common bluegill (native bream). Research by fisheries scientists in several states concluded that the coppernose indeed are faster growing and more hardier than the common bluegill. The coppernose is not a "hybrid".  With proper pond management, coppernose in excess of one pound is easily obtainable. Supplemental feeding programs have shown to produce bluegill in the two pound range.

The Coppernose bluegill is known for its colorful markings. The fins of the coppernose have a reddish orange fringe outline with a pencil thin white border. The vertical bars on the sides are more distinct and broader especially in the young. The distinct copper band across the head which is brilliant on the male is the reason for the common name "coppernose". 

The recommended stocking rate for the coppernose bluegill is 1000 fingerlings per surface acre of water (same as for any bluegill). The proper time for stocking is fall, winter or early spring when the temperature of the water is below 60 degrees.   Bass should be stocked at the rate of 100 per acre in early June creating a balance of 10 bluegill to one bass. This balance is necessary for proper growth and a balanced future population.

A supplemental feeding program is needed to produce trophy bluegill. The feeding should consists of floating catfish fingerling feed (small pellet). Administer feeding in the morning and afternoon in four pound increments.

The response from our customers who have stocked the coppernose bluegill has been extremely positive. Suttle Fish Farm recommends the coppernose  stocked along with redear sunfish (shellcracker). Suttle Fish Farm recommends an 85/15 ratio with coppernose to redear sunfish (shellcracker). 

Suttle Fish Farm will be glad to assist you with any information and be available for consulting regarding pond management and water testing.

We have several sizes of bream / bluegill available
-  two to three inch; - three inch;  four inch; -  larger sizes require truck delivery, not shipped

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