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FATHEAD MINNOWS  (Pimephales promelas)


Forage fish are stocked in recreational fishing ponds as food for largemouth bass. Studies have shown that forage fish are necessary to produce high-quality bass. Fathead minnows are appropriate when stocking new ponds, renovated ponds or re-populating existing ponds. Forage fish enhance the growth of bass and can improve their survival through the winter, which is particularly important for yearling bass.  Periodic additions of forage fish such as fathead minnows should increase bass grow and production. Fathead minnows are best stocked with the bluegill in new ponds or lakes. The fathead minnows are the only forage fish with no down side when stocking as they don't compete with your bass for food and they reproduce prolifically and frequently. It is essential that forage fish be small enough to serve as prey for the desired sport fish. Because of their small size as adults they will need to be restocked periodically. Suttle Fish Farm recommends at least 1,000 Fathead Minnows per surface acre for new ponds or lakes but can be stocked as high as 10,000 per acre for trophy bass. They are also excellent fish bait for white perch.

Fathead Minnows

Fathead Minnows are a fresh water fish and is native to most states. They generally reach 2 to 3 inches in length and have a life span of two to three years.  The Fathead Minnow is very prolific. Spawning begins when the water temperature reaches 60 degrees  Fahrenheit and repeats monthly until water cools down in the fall. They lay between 2 to 500 eggs per spawn. The female deposits eggs into the nest or nesting spots and after fertilization the male takes over and guards it. The Fathead Minnow eggs hatch in about five days. These minnows get to a length of two to three inches.

Note: The Fathead Minnows are the only forage fish with no disadvantage when added to a new or existing pond. They are an excellent investment when stocking. Our clients have seen the benefits.

The term “forage fish” is used to describe species that play a significant role as prey for predators fish.

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