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Randy Deen, Operations Manager

Florida Largemouth Bass (micropterus salmoides floridanus)

Suttle Fish Farm sells the Florida Largemouth Bass for pond stocking. Our strand of Bass is one of the best on the market. We have sold our Bass to state fish hatcheries and commercial fish hatcheries. The Florida Largemouth Bass is the ultimate species for stocking lakes and ponds. It is the number one sought after trophy fish. Mississippi state records have shown the bass reaching  18 lbs. and above.

The horizontal and vertical markings on the Florida Largemouth Bass are very distinct. The name "Largemouth" is certainly indicative of the very largemouth they possess. See the Bass anatomy link below.

The stocking rate for the bass should be in the ratio of one bass to ten bluegill. They should be added in June, July & August after the winter bluegill has reproduced. The Florida Bass is very cannibalistic and their main food supply is the bluegill. Studies have shown that in order for the bass to gain one pound in weight, five pounds of bluegill will be consumed. 

Proper pond management is extremely important to promote the food chain of the bass. Adding the Florida Largemouth Bass to a pond with other species of bass will increase the genetic potential of that pond.

Suttle Fish Farm is extremely proud of our brood fish. enormous effort is made to maintain the genetic line of the Florida Largemouth Bass. Measures have been taken to ensure that no interbreeding takes place. 

Clients of Suttle Fish Farm has reported three pound growth in one year. One client reported 4 pounds 15 ounces bass. Records indicate the bass was 15 months old. This was unusual but a great potential goal for everyone! You can expect 80% of your Florida Largemouth Bass to range from 3 pounds in one year. This is the usual report from clients.


Suttle Fish Farm will gladly assist you with any information and be available for consultation regarding
pond management.

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