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Grass Carp - White Amur  (Ctenopharyngodon  idella )

Grass Carp
Randy Deen, Operations Manager

Suttle Fish Farm sells Grass Carp for aquatic vegetation control. We have the Diploid and the Triploid Grass Carp. Triploid grass carp are sterile (will not reproduce). Certified Triploid means that a blood analysis on each fish has been conducted and has been checked by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with their certification. Some states allow the Diploid grass carp which are not certified sterile. they do not normally reproduce in our waters. The Grass Carp is a very hearty fish and can be shipped very easily to most states. For large orders, truck delivery is available. We have numerous clients satisfied with the Grass Carp. Grass carp is the best biological control of most aquatic vegetation in ponds today. Not only are carp safer than chemicals, they are environmentally prudent to use. The grass carp have been praised as the ultimate method of controlling most aquatic weed vegetation. Plants eaten by the grass carp in appropriate order of preferences are : 
1. Canadian pond weed
2. Hornwoth
3. Stonewoth
4. Lesses duckweed
5. Ivy-leaved duckweed
6. Watermillfoil
7. Fennel-leaved pondweed
8. Great redmace 
9. Common weed
10. Common rush black sage
11. Frogbit watercress
12. Shiny pondweed
13. Sledge 
14. Plus Many More!!

These fish provide excellent control of algae and most rooted aquatic plants that grow beneath the lake surface. One stocking of white amur will provide an excellent weed control for eight to ten years or more. In comparison to chemical control, the white amur is the most sensible and economical alternative to effective pond vegetation control.

Currently diploid grass carp are only allowed in  Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska.

Some states have banned GRASS CARP: 

Alaska, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, 
New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, & Wisconsin banned any importation of grass carp.
Sorry we cannot ship to any of these states.

Diploid Grass Carp 
8-10 inches $6.00 Each 
Alabama. Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, & Nebraska allow Diploids.

All other states require Triploids.

Triploid Grass Carp certified by the USFWS are required by Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,New Jersey, New Mexico,North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, , New York, Connecticut, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,  Colorado, Kansas, Arizona,  Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming.
Tennessee and South Carolina only allow Triploid Grass Carp however USWFS certification is not required.

Chemical control of aquatic weed has generally proven to be too costly (an average of $200 per surface acre per year). Some of the disadvantages of chemical control are:

  • Herbicides must be selected for certain plants
  • Excess die off of vegetation can result in fish kill
  • Lakes require two or more treatments per season
  • Special application equipment may be needed
On the other hand, biological weed control, the use of the grass carp has NONE of these disadvantages. After years of experimentation, the white amur has proven to be an extremely effective vegetation control agent. The amur will not feed on other fish unlike common carp. Amur do not make pond water muddy by disturbing bottom sediments. They do not interfere with the balance in pond stocked with large mouthed bass and bluegill nor do they effect production in catfish ponds.

As an additional benefit the white amur meat is a delicious white meat that is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. White amur was rated better than catfish, bass, or trout by a taste panel at Warm Springs, GA. and Auburn University.

The number of white amur to be stocked will vary accordingly to the amount of vegetation present. the following stocking rates are based on research done by the Fisheries Department of Auburn University:

Degree of Weed Infestation

10 to 15 White Amur 20 or More White Amur
Suttle Fish Farm recommends stocking ten grass carp per surface acre. We have numerous satisfied customers claiming the benefit of the grass carp. Lakes containing bass or large predators should be stocked with eight to ten inch white amur to ensure good survival of the carp. The carp are  not a quick fix but after a season of having them in your pond, you will see a difference and be glad that they are in there.

Before you call about shipping grass carp---please go to the ordering information page; we must have an e-mail  to  with your zip code and
 how many carp you are wanting and we will send you a quote.

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