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Randy Deen, operations Manager,


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Suttle Fish Farm is state licensed for raising and selling of game fish to stock lakes and ponds. Our fish hatchery was first licensed in 1987 by the Mississippi Fish & Wildlife Service. We are located in Laurel, MS, Hwy 84 East, right at the Jones-Wayne County line, in Jones County. We are one of the oldest fish farms licensed in Mississippi. Since 1987 we have expanded from four ponds to forty ponds  and have raised over 1,000,000 fish for stocking ponds and lakes. We specialize in lakes and ponds of all sizes throughout Mississippi,  Arkansas, Louisiana  and Alabama. Our business has been built the old fashion way; on trust, hard work and satisfied customers. We ship fish only by priority overnight FedEx & products by UPS. We have live haul trucks equipped with oxygen for large deliveries to almost any where in the United States.  We can test your pond water and make recommendations based on the results. We also sell aerators, fish feeders, and fertilizer. 


><> Fish Species That We Sell <><

Coppernose Bluegill
Native Bluegill
Hybrid Bluegill
Florida Largemouth Bass
F - 1 Bass
Black Bass
Fathead Minnows
Golden Shiners
Shellcracker  (Redear)
Channel Catfish
Grass Carp

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Louisiana Fish Supplier
Alabama Fish Supplier
Arkansas Fish Supplier

><>Services We Offer <><

Pond Management
Pond Water Testing
Fertilizing Plans

><> Products That We Sell <><

Pond Fertilizer 100% Water Soluble 10-52-4 Pond Aerators
Fish Feeders

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