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Pond Management

No two ponds are alike, and with our present knowledge, it is impossible to predict the correct management program for all ponds. However, certain practices can make the difference between a good fishing pond and a poor pond.
Part of our philosophy is that if YOU can do the work of pond management, then that is Great - We will be glad to be your consultant for FREE! However if you want us to do it then just let us know, we surely know how from the experience we have, check out our electrofishing services as a start.

Keys to Pond Management:

Pond Water Testing



Fish Attractions

Aquatic Weed Control 

Feeding Program

Winter Draw down

Proper Pond Stocking

 Population Evaluation

  Gravel Beds & Trash Fish

Pond Water Testing: Water analysis is probably the most valuable tool that the pond owner has to check the environment in which the fish live. You should have your water tested by an expert in water quality. Suttle Fish Farm will be glad to do an analysis on your pond water . Call 601-425-4480 on how to send water to us.

Liming:  Lime stabilizes the pH of the water and produces the proper environment for reproduction and fertilization to occur.  Suttle Fish Farm will be glad to check your water and see if you need to add lime.

Fertilizing: There are many different types of fertilizer that can be used. All of them are good. Types: 10-40-0, 10-52-0, 0-46-0, 10-50-0 is available and should give you a good bloom on your pond. There are liquid pond fertilizers that are also good. We prefer water soluble fertiizer and we sell Whopper Grower Fertilizer, 10-54-4. Call us for pricing and shipping information.

Fish Attractions: This is the number one problem that I see in most older ponds. All of the timber has rotted out and there is very little cover for your fish.  I recommend black jack oak, old used tires, old cars, to be added to older lakes for fish attraction and cover. A good lake will have approximately 20% cover.

Aquatic Weed Control: Suttle Fish Farm recommend the grass carp (white amur) at ten per surface acre for aquatic vegetation control. Of course I raise them and I am prejudiced. They will eliminate most aquatic vegetation and are very economical to use. Controlling vegetation in ponds is critical to good fish management.Weeds interfere with feeding by largemouth bass, reducing their growth rate. Too much vegetation interferes with fishing, swimming, and boating. Thick beds of weeds can cause oxygen depletion, leading to fish kills. The presence of a few weeds can quickly turn into an overgrowth of plants. Nutrients in the water that could be use to stimulating algae, which effectively support fish production, are used by weedy plants.

 Feeding: It is used to accelerate the growth rate of certain species of fish. It is also used to raise trophy Bluegill and Bass. I recommend a feeding program of about 4 to 8 pounds a day of floating fingerling catfish feed. Bass do not eat man made feed, but your bluegill and catfish sure will eat the man made feed. . 

Winter Draw down: Is used to eliminate your Bluegill when you are over populated. This should only be done when your pond is out of balanced. You can only draw down a pond in the wintertime for a couple of months and when you can be assured that your pond will fill up before spring. This is a management tool.

Proper Pond Stocking: Stock 1000 Bream per surface acre, which includes 20% redear sunfish, 100 catfish per surface acre, you can add more if you are going to feed them. Once your Bream has reproduced, you add your Bass at 100 per acre usually in June after the initial stocking of your Bream. Catfish ponds with no other fish can be stocked at 1500 per surface acre. 

Population Evaluation: This should only be done by an experienced aquaculturist or a  biologist. Suttle Fish Farm will be glad to electroshock and do a population study. 

Gravel Beds: The use of small pea gravel placed in three or four foot of water will bring the fish to you! Gravel beds are used primarily for relocation of fish to a desired area. Gravel beds are recommended around piers.

 Trash Fish: The green sunfish is the reproduction of hybrid bream and they are very prolific.They are  non edible fish and considered trash fish. 

Let Suttle Fish Farm set you up on a management plan tailored for raising trophy size fish.
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Let Suttle Fish Farm manage your pond or lake.

  We do work for subdivisions, pay lakes, private land owners and hunting clubs.

How will Suttle Fish Farm manageyour pond? First you will fill out a pond questionnaire to see if your lake is manageable.  According to your answers on the questionnaire, I will determine our problems and what service I can be to you.  Then we going set some goals that I think we can meet with your approval. Then I will write  you a time table to accomplish these goals.  I'll tell you what I recommend. You get to do all the learning (work). I will teach you the whats, whens and wheres of pond managment. Your job is to fertilize your pond. You will take water samples and send them to me.  A population study will have to be done especially if your pond or lake is an existing one, we can provide that..

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Our management plan consists of: unlimited water samples, step by step instructions on fertilizing, liming, and records of fish caught.

If we can be of any assistance, please e-mail us. 

Suttle Fish Farm hopes that this information is helpful 
to you for understanding pond management.

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Developed By: Dan Suttle

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