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REDEAR SUNFISH    ( Lepomis microlophus )

Suttle Fish Farm sells the Redear Sunfish for lake and pond stocking.  The Redear feeds on aquatic insects, lavae, snails, and cladocerans. Snails are a major food item in adults, which they crush with pharyngeal teeth, giving rise to the vernacular name "shellcracker". The shellcracker should never be stocked as your primary fish. They should only be stocked percentage wise because the pond will not make enough feed for these fish. Approximately 20-25% is all that is needed. Higher stocking rates proved to be detrimental to the growth of other fish in your pond. The redear will obtain a growth of well over a pound. Redear are usually stocked with coppernose bluegill as forage fish for your bass.

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